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One of the most popular vehicles in New Zealand and Australia is the Ute. Tradespeople, farmers and rural workers use these vehicles on a daily basis for their work because they are practical, heavy duty and can be fitted out with accessories that help owners to get the best out of their vehicle.

Vehicle fit outs are very popular in the United States with programmes like ‘Pimp My Ride’ making (dreams come true by giving total makeovers to cars and trucks.

Celebrating funky fit outs here are some of the best, fun and over the top ways you can fit out your ute If you had the money and ability...remember dreams are free!

Your car is an extension of yourself

It may be style over substance but why not make your car a representation of your personality. On season two of Pimp My Ride a 1958 Volkswagen Bus had an automated surf rack installed on the roof and a 40-inch TV was installed in the back. You can probably guess the owner of the car was a surfer, no doubt emphasised by the large fold-out stop sign that read "CHILL" installed on the side of the car.

If you only do the essentials

If you don’t want to go too over the top with your car makeover the average pimped out ride features custom rims, wild and whacky paint jobs and either spa tubs or mini fridges installed in the trunk of your car. Not forgetting an enormous bass sound system and a range of computer consoles for those downtimes when you are just relaxing in your car!

Go big or go home

Season one of the show featured a 1967 Ford Mustang owned by a lady called Mary. As well as the usual extreme paint job, big rims and customised LCD monitor in the headliner the car was fitted with special exhaust pipes that shot out flames when the engine was started. Ok so this fit out wasn’t strictly legal and the pipes had to be removed, but it was definitely cool.

Practically speaking

Commercial fit outs in New Zealand tend to be on the functional side with made for use fit outs such as ute canopies and storage accessories. Trades people and commercial fleet owners often add a ute canopy to their vehicle to protect all the items stored in their ute. Not all of us need a popcorn maker or a 8 ball pool table built in to our car or ute, (both these were seen on season 3 of the show) but you may need a roof rack, tool box or a towbar fitted to your work vehicle.

Camco, NZ’s number one commercial vehicle fit-out company, provides a wide range of accessories and add ons for utes and other heavy duty vehicles. Visit their website, http://www.camcoindustries.co.nz/storage-vehicle-nz, to get a free quote online.

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