When Holmes Group CEO John Hare FEngNZ CPEng IntPE(NZ) looks at Christchurch’s evolving post-earthquake cityscape, he sees something missing. It’s not the heritage-sized hole left by much-loved historic buildings – although they are sorely missed. No, what John’s engineer’s eye sees is a positive absence, evidence that a critical lesson of the quakes has been […]

The CTV Building, royal commission and complaints

The Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission, which publicly released its findings in December 2012, concluded that building designer David Harding of Alan Reay Consultants was working beyond his competence in designing the building. IPENZ (as Engineering New Zealand was then known) received two complaints against Mr Harding, from MBIE’s Chief Engineer and a group of victims’ […]

Vote for your board

We’ve received 17 nominations for the two vacant Board member roles. Only one nomination was received for each of President and Deputy President, so no elections are required for these positions. Two nominations were received for Vice President, so there will be an election for this position.


ZeroJet  co-founders Neil Mans and Bex Rempel aim to replace 10,000 internal combustion outboards with electric propulsion within five years – resulting in an emissions saving equivalent to removing 1.5 million cars off the road. “The vast majority of outboard motors are diesel or petrol powered, pumping pollution directly into marine environments. ZeroJet’s electric jet […]


Fancy a stroll through tiger lowlands, big cats prowling on a bridge above your head? Or how about going face to face with a crocodile in a tropical swamp forest? Auckland Zoo’s South East Asian Jungle Track takes the philosophy of bringing visitors closer to nature to a whole new level, inspired by conservation science […]