Engineering is a huge discipline and covers a multitude of areas. It doesn’t matter if your engineering firm deals in scaffolding hire, ear protection, commercial brackets or hearing protection, all of these aspects will need to be communicated across the globe so we have a universal understanding of engineering so that everyone understands that we all have to operate machinery, safety equipment and any other engineering-based product in the same way. 

Intercultural communication is crucial in engineering when we are educating our new engineers. It is even more important when you consider height safety training or safety rope suppliers as these two elements are crucial when keeping engineers and people around engineering safe. We will now take a look at some of the aspects of engineering that benefit from intercultural communication.

Safety equipment

When you consider any aspect of engineering, you have to consider safety. Safety is the fundamentals of all engineering principles. It doesn’t matter if you are an engineer or a person that works in an engineering firm, safety is always paramount.  Engineers that design equipment often think about the safety of the people that are going to be using the equipment or interacting with it. As you can imagine, engineered products or services are often traded around the world. For this reason, we have to make sure that any device or any piece of equipment that is designed is universally understood by everyone around the world. By this, we mean that if you have any safety equipment required to be used as part of an operating process, then this must be understood universally around the world. 

Educating across the world can be standardised when it comes to engineering as long as individual biases around the world are taken into account, there should be no reason why a piece of equipment cannot be universally used. Having an understanding of each culture that will be dealing with any particular aspect of engineering is key to its success. When we talk about safety and engineering a lot of the engineering focuses on working at height. Working at height often poses the most risk of falling.

Types of communication

The types of communication that we use in engineering are very important and how we use this information is also equally important. If we look at instruction manuals as an example an instruction manual is the basis of how you use a piece of equipment or technology. It is crucial that this piece of technology or equipment can be used in accordance with the way it was designed. Therefore, we need to ensure that the communications we used to pass on the information of how to correctly use a piece of equipment is delivered correctly from the offset. 

The first thing that can be done is translating the manual/document into different languages to ensure that everyone has a fair chance of understanding how a particular piece of equipment should be used in the first place. We must also consider cultural bias in here as well. For example, use the correct terms so that no matter where you are in the world you understand what is required. The same can be said for all the different forms of communication as well. It’s not just about instructions, it could be about the way we communicate online i.e. by email. Any form of communication must consider what part of the world it is being communicated in. If you think about new engineers and the way that they are taught, the way we communicate should be factored into every course and making sure that intercultural communication is paramount to their studies.

Social media

Social media is everywhere and we all know it is a vital tool to help communicate ideas amongst engineers. Social media has been able to market products and services that engineers have put forward. This type of communication is great across the world as it can be done at the same time. Also, having inter-cultural bias and understanding is important as you can amend and change the format depending on which country the communication is being delivered in. There are many other ways of communicating in the engineering field. As technology improves, so does the way in which we can pass on engineering information.

Colleges and universities

Colleges and universities play a vital role in educating engineers. It is crucial that when we are dealing with the engineering field, all aspects of engineering are understood globally. Global engineering has been around for years now and it’s getting easier to communicate amongst engineers around the world. Standardised ways of measuring and communicating information has helped this process. This is not just about language, it is also about understanding how different cultures will interact with what engineers are trying to introduce. 

Having a greater understanding at university or college level is important as it will set up engineers for a future of engineering that will help the world communicate in a higher capacity as well as in a more understandable way. There are many different aspects of engineering that colleges and schools develop young engineers in. Whether it is civil, mechanical or electrical engineering, all aspects of engineering can benefit from improved communication that takes into account intercultural information.

As you can see from the above there is a massive important that we communicate across the world in the engineering field full stop this is not a new concept but it is something that had developed and it will continue to develop as the years go by in engineering communication is vital for making sure that intercultural communication is an integral part of an engineers day but always be a beneficial aspect.