There is more to safety than training and equipment. A safe work site needs to ensure that safety is a priority in every aspect. Any successful organisation or company will be aware of the importance of safety in the workplace.  It is not uncommon for companies to lose sight of the importance of safety which can, unfortunately, result in human injuries and profit loss. Therefore, we will take a look at how you can ensure that you create a culture of safety on your site and a culture that all of your employees want to adhere to.

Safety Equipment 

Let’s be honest, we all think we know what safety equipment is, for example, ear protection, safety workwear, hi vis jacket and other hi vis clothing, but it can go further than this. If you are a forklift truck driver, for example, you will have forklift accessories and parts of forklift that will have safety features to protect the driver and those around the forklift truck. They may not always be obvious, but looking at the owner’s manual will give you information about the safety equipment on board.

Setting the Standards

One of the hardest parts of making safety a top priority on your site is getting your employees to actually adhere to the standards that you have set. It is crucial that your employees are compliant, as you, as the employer, want to make sure that the time and money you have spent on safety procedures and safety equipment are of use. If your employees are not interested, then it is likely that your efforts will be wasted. The best thing that you can do to get your employees to be interested is to get them involved in all matters related to safety as early as possible.

Getting Employees Involved

If you get your employees involved when it comes to creating procedures and standards you will create a sense of commitment.  For instance, if an employee can see that their values have been listened to and have come across in your safety policy, it is more likely that they are happy to adhere to the policy. Getting your employees involved does not mean that they have to create the safety standards on your site, it is more that you are happy to listen to their comments and suggestions as this can help employees to feel like they have a voice. Anyone can have high expectations in a workplace or a site, but meeting these expectations is difficult if the majority are not in agreement.

Ensuring Safety is Routine

A lot of people do not like change so it should not come as a shock when employers reject any new safety procedures or policies that you put into place. What you need to do is make safety policies and procedures a part of everyday work procedures. Employees will not want to work in an environment that is not safe and are more likely to work in an environment that encourages safe work practices. There are a number of ways that you can incorporate safe work practices in your site such as:

Every time you have a meeting with your employees, make sure that safety is a topic that is covered as this will not only highlight the importance of safety, it will also help your employees to remember the information discussed.

Have a safety bulletin placed in a location that is visible to all. Also, ensure that you keep the bulletin current as this way your employees are more likely to regularly check it.

Always Prioritise Safety

We all know that if we do not have our health, we do not really have anything. This idea can apply to your employees as well. If your employees are not healthy and safe, your company will fail to thrive.

Team Effort

When it comes to safety on your site, there needs to be a team effort. You, as the employer, need to make it clear to your employees that if one person does not adhere to your safety guidelines, the result could be that another employee could get hurt. Encourage your employees to think about what is going on around them and provide them with suggestions or advice if necessary. You also need to make sure that you as the employee is approachable so that your employees feel comfortable to come to you should they require any assistance when it comes to anything safety-related. As an example, if we consider lifting, which is a common cause of injury, we need to ensure that our employees are lifting correctly and this all comes from being taught properly in the first place. Also, employees need to know that they can ask for assistance if they feel that they require it. If another worker is lifting something incorrectly or is struggling to lift something, other employees around them need to feel like they can get involved and can be useful when it comes to helping one another.

Creating A Safety Culture

It is easy to get the resources necessary to keep your employees safe on your site, but this is just one simple aspect of safety. Your overall aim should be to create a safety culture and this way your employees will use any resources that you have provided them. Always remember to ask for your employees’ input when it comes to any safety-related aspects in the workplace.  

You will soon see that you will have created an environment where people take safety seriously and this will make everyone feel that they are being listened to and are therefore more likely to comply to your work safety policy.