Have you ever marvelled at how tall a building is or even how structurally innovative art is designed? Modern engineering has done a good job, leaving people in a state of awe. 

Some engineering projects are so impressive that they stretch the imagination of what is actually possible.  From bridges and railways that connect cities and countries, tunnels built underwater or skyscrapers built to withstand earthquakes, these technological advancements keep making life easier for mankind; and as man gets more innovative and competitive, the list of engineering wonders keep growing. 

Here are some of the coolest engineering feats ranging from large scale civil engineering projects to some of the most incredible power innovations in electrical engineering. 


The capital gate tower, located in Abu Dhabi, is a modern day contender to the famous leaning tower of Pisa. It is the most inclined building in the world, leaning at an angle of 18 degrees westward with a height of 160 meters. 

The construction of the tower involves the use of 21,500 tons of steel at the same time utilising around 8,500 structural steel beams to support the inclination. The unique shape of the building wasn’t easy to achieve and required tower cranes together with heavy duty swivel eye bolts to automatically adjust the direction of the load used. 

The building’s curvaceous shape draws strongly on the sea and desert. Considering its remarkable posture, capital tower sits above a two meter high raft made of concrete. The raft is submerged upon 490 piles which have been drilled 30 meters underground to withstand the gravitational forces and seismic pressures caused by the inclination of the building. 

In addition to these unique features, the building houses fully functioning commercial spaces, offices, including the Hyatt capital gate hotel and a helipad.


The Channel Tunnel has the longest undersea portion of any tunnel in the world. The entire tunnel is 50 km in length with 38 km of the tunnel lying underwater. This transportation system comprises of three tunnels – two for trains and a smaller service tunnel that can be used in emergencies. 

The tunnels are linked together by two towns, Folkestone and Coquelles, which are located in England and France respectively. Train speed reaches 100 miles per hour while a trip between the two cities takes only 20 minutes. 

The Tunnel plays a crucial role in connecting the two countries and serves the transportation needs of over seven million people a year who travel on the Eurostar trains. It is recognised as one of the ‘Seven Wonders of the Modern World‘ by the American Society of Civil Engineers.


The underground cable system has witnessed increased adoption owing to the fact that there are less visual and environmental impact, virtually eliminating every possibility of storms and other weather conditions which is normally the case with overhead cable system. 

Following the connection to the utility company’s pole, the underground service cables are passed through a pipe into the ground, twisted polypropylene rope is usually employed as a draw cord during layering. Then, they run in a horizontal direction through a bored hole in the ground and up into a ground based transformer. 

Numerous product specifications including shock absorbing gel coating, thread-fortified waterproof tape wrapping, and sheathing of heavy metallic-bands have led to a positive influence in the global underground cabling EPC market. Increasing demand for EHV cables coupled with rising investments by government and private entities will further escalate the industry growth. Global Underground Cabling EPC Market is expected to exceed USD 19 Billion by 2024.


With the latest technological advancement in electrical engineering, commercial generators now have a variety of features that promote effective operation on sites for electricians and other professionals at the same time ensures that higher power requirements are met. 

The most significant portable generator advancement is how reliable and durable commercial-grade models have become. For instance, tri-fuel engines can be installed on select generators with the option of running on gasoline, natural gas or propane by tuning a dial button and switching out the fuel hose. 

The ability for contractors to generate power without sacrificing portability has brought a major shift in how generators are being used. As portable generators continue to get more feature-rich, they show great potential to become the best power generator. Onis visa diesel generators are designed with full end portability ranging from 9kva-3000kva.


The Millau viaduct, located in the south of France holds the world record for the tallest bridge in the world, reaching 343 meters tall and surpassing the Eiffel Tower by several meters in height.It supports a roadway above the tarn river at a height of 270 meters. 

The road has two lanes in each direction. The Millau viaduct spans a 2km valley in the Massif Central mountain range and forms the final link in the A75 highway from Paris to Barcelona. Despite its huge length, journey time over the structure is expected to be just one minute. 

While its height makes it impressive on its own, the elegance of the design in its valley setting makes the Millau Viaduct a breathtaking work of civil engineering.


With its intricate shape and lattice-like design, this engineering wonder looks more like a work of art than an Olympic stadium. The stadium reveals an elaborate design that incorporates Chinese symbols and mythology and is one of the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly stadiums in the world. 

It utilises geothermal pipes embedded underground for heating the indoor part of the stadium during the winter and Underground cisterns that collect and store rainwater for irrigation and use in restrooms. Contributing to its unique structure are 26 miles of unwrapped steel, two independent frames set 50 feet apart and an outer steel frame weighing 42,000 tons.


Mankind will continue to leverage advanced technology to conceive, design and construct things which would help to solve life’s problems and create a huge impact in the modern world.