What’s more poetic than a rustic wedding? Just imagine how you could celebrate your love in the heart of a forest. Around you, a bucolic decor; wildflowers, lanterns and pennants. Your bridesmaids are wearing pastel-coloured dresses and wreaths of flowers in their hair.

Would you like that? Here is the perfect guide to organise your rustic wedding, and all things to consider when choosing a remote location.

Where to celebrate a rustic wedding?

To celebrate a rustic wedding, you’re spoilt with options. Best you can do is organising a ceremony in nature. In the program; wildflowers, lush trees and birdsong. To do this, choose a pretty clearing or a wood. The only drawback is the weather. If it starts to rain, the ceremony can quickly fall apart.

For the less adventurous, there are other ad hoc buildings where you can organise your wedding. Why not in a pretty farm? Set in lush greenery, it gives a romantic and warm atmosphere. Make sure you’ll have an adjoining park or a pond nearby. They will make for beautiful photos. For the lovers of old stones, choose an old farm.

Also consider small mansions in the countryside. You can hold the ceremony and reception in their lush gardens. What a charming and bucolic setting to celebrate your wedding!

The disadvantage of a rustic location is that it is usually far from everything… including accommodations. So, consider listing guest rooms, cottages and hotels near the site and provide the list to your guests.

You can also ask the owner of the function place if he has a space where you can put tents. This solution is always appreciated by young people, who will be able to consume alcohol without having to drive afterwards. If you want them to take a bath, don’t forget to pass by a shop with water heaters for sale.

Set up an appropriate dress code

For a rustic wedding, a simple dress, with a sleek and elegant cape, will do perfectly for the bride. Avoid over-waisted dresses, such as the mermaid cut wedding dress. Remember that you will be in nature, you must be comfortable to move easily.

For the fabric, choose natural and light materials, such as lace, muslin or silk crepe. The colours must be soft and bright.

Who says rustic wedding says dress light and chic. Make sure your guests follow this dress code if you want them to. On the colour side, prefer pastel tones; pink, yellow, blue, purple, it’s up to you. Also opt for printed or patterned dresses, for instance with pretty flowers, fruits, and plants. Keep in mind that the most important thing is that the guests feel comfortable and not too stuffy.

Flowers, flowers, and flowers everywhere

The essential element when organising a rustic wedding are the flowers. Forget the usual roses, peonies or lilies. We prefer wildflowers for these types of weddings. And avoid the round and geometric bouquet! Rather, choose a generous bouquet, unstructured and asymmetrical, which brings together a large number of varieties of wild flowers (grasses, gypsophila, foliage, thistles…)

Regarding the colours, two choices are available to you; pastel shades, which everyone loves, or if you want to go a little crazy, pick an explosion of colours.

Choose flowers that have good heat resistance if your wedding occurs during summer. For example, avoid hydrangeas or peonies. If you like roses, pick garden varieties. The implantation of their petals looks particularly rustic.

If you feel creative, select the flowers of your bridal bouquet yourself. Be sure to spot in advance the places where they grow, to be certain to find them on the wedding day. Keep in mind that you must choose different varieties of flowers and that they don’t grow in the same place. To learn how to make your bouquet yourself, there are many DIY tutorials on the internet.

For your bridal hairstyle, bet once again on wildflowers. Slip them into your loose hair or make a crown of flowers. You can also opt for a light and short veil. You do not want leaves, grass or mud staining it.

Make a rustic decoration

For the decoration of the wedding, we prefer natural materials. It must blend nicely into the natural setting. Feel free to set up pretty lanterns, pennants of colour, garlands of flowers. Also think of the country-chic style, and decorate your tables with vintage objects like milk jugs, old and mismatched dishes or old watering cans filled with wildflowers. To make your wedding decoration yourself, put your friends to use. Remember, in a country wedding, the more flowers there are, the better.

Send your troops in a mission to find the most beautiful wildflowers. They will be used to decorate your reception tables, to make garlands of flowers and compositions. You can also dry them and create pots as a gift for your guests.

Sprinkle your place with cushions, candles and even straw bales. Do not forget that a rustic wedding also celebrates the countryside. You can use wooden pallets and age them. You can also customise them by writing your names and the date of the wedding with stencils.

Don’t forget, if you want to have light in your remote location, include the portable generator cost in your budget. And if you want to hear the music, for your generator rental, prefer a quiet generator! Only then you should be able to have fun with your friends or your family. As for music, give the task to a group of friends for a warm and welcoming atmosphere at the time of the reception. Have you planned a photobooth? For your memories of the countryside, an old swing, a tablecloth to eat on the grass. The choices are limitless!

Once you’ve implemented some of these tips, you’ll be sure to have a wedding you’ll love to look back on for years to come!